Automatic 3D Clearance and Creepage Analysis


Electric assemblies are subject to strict regulations with respect to the distance between different electric potentials to avoid short circuits and product failure from the outset and warrant product safety.


A bare approximation of these paths in the design phase is a time-consuming and inefficient process. Especially with increasing complexity of the assembly, the distances are greatly overestimated due to imprecise distance measurements, which is in direct conflict with the competing design policy of compactification.


On the other hand many prototypes fail the final quality control due to missed norm violations, whereby the product needs to be re-engineered shortly before the planned rollout. A product recall is the worst case - which has to be avoided at all costs.


AutoCrear offers a full 3D clearance and creepage analysis on the CAD data of an electric assembly. Possible violations can be detected and removed in an early design phase of the production pipeline. This optimizes the construction process enormously, since the exact as well as automatic clearance and creepage analysis is an important tool for ensuring product safety.



The clearance and creepage distances are computed under consideration of all relevant factors which influence the course of a path and complicate the appoximation of shortest paths for a designer.


Creepage paths extend along insulator surfaces, but can also perform jumps up to a determined maximum distance. Those are, just like the minimum distances between electric nets, manually adjustable.

Creepage without jumps: 11.55mm

creepage with jumps: 8.53mm

Paths can not move along cemented contact surfaces of insulators. Those cemented areas can be flaged in AutoCrear.

Uncemented: 12.23mm

Cemented: 19.04mm

Electric nets are automatically detected and are source and target of the clearance and creepage analysis. Tension-free conductive parts like screws or bolts are not considered as targets in the analysis, but both clearance and creepage can abbreviate through them.