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AutoCrear is a software tool to perform automatic clearance and creepage analyses on the CAD data of electric assemblies.

Possible violations can be detected in an early design stage which can massively optimize your production processes.

Based on a four-year research project at the FAU Erlangen-Nuremberg, AutoCrear is the state-of-the-art tool

for clearance and creepage path computation.



Individual Solutions

With our broad knowledge in the field of computer graphics, geometric modeling and CAD data, we can develop individual software solutions which assists you in your production processes. When there is a problem for which no solution yet exists, we can perform case studies and develop novel state-of-the-art algorithms to solve almost any problem which is related to 3D geometry.

AutoCrear Analysis

Beside the software tool, we also offer a full clearance and creepage analysis as service. With this option, you have the possibility to detect clearance and creepage violations in the early design phase without the need of integrating a software tool and building up your own expertise in this field. Just provide us your CAD data, we provide the full analysis result.

AutoCrear Trainings

Performing clearance and creepage analyses is no straight-forward task and requires a certain expertise. We assist you in building up this expertise and offer trainings which enable you to fully integrate AutoCrear into your production pipeline in order to perform your own clearance and creepage analyses.


The idea of e-laborate Innovations emerged from the computer graphics group at the Friedrich-Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) in 2014.

For several years, the know-how carriers of the company have researched on novel methods to compute clearance and creepage paths on 3D data and gained an exclusive knowledge in this complex topic. Funded by the EXIST founder scholarship, e-laborate Innovations developed AutoCrear, a state-of-the-art software tool to perform clearance and creepage analyses on 3D CAD data. We also exploit our broad knowledge in the field of 3D geometric processing to find innovative solutions for other complex problems in order to optimize your engineering processes.

Dr.-Ing. Michael Martinek



Michael Martinek studied computer science at the FAU. He received his PhD at the computer graphics group, researching and developing methods to process and analyze 3D Geometry.  A major part of his PhD thesis was the development of novel methods to compute clearance and creepage paths on 3D data.

Dipl.-Kauffr. Oxana Kleinöder



Oxana Kleinöder studied business administration at the FAU. She gathered practical experience working for global corporations in Germany, USA and Eastern Europe. Mrs. Kleinöder is not only familiar with business processes of international software manufacturers but also with finance, sales and marketing fields.

M.Sc. Jürgen Pröll



Jürgen Pröll studied computer science at the FAU with main focus on computer graphics and 3D geometric processing. During his studies Mr. Pröll was working for an internet service provider, where he gained practical experience in software engineering, customer service and support.

Prof. Dr. Günther Greiner

Scientific Mentor


Günther Greiner is professor for computer science at the FAU, where he heads the computer graphics group. He accompanied the research project on clearance and creepage analysis from the beginning and serves as scientific consultant for

e-laborate Innovations.


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