Automatic 3D Creepage and

Clearance Analysis


Electric assemblies underlie strict regulations with respect to the distance between different electric potentials (creepage and clearance paths). A bare approximation of these paths in the design phase often misses various distance violations, which remain undetected until to the final quality tests on a real prototype. This creates expensive and time-consuming loops in the production process of an electric assembly.


AutoCrear offers a full 3D creepage and clearance analysis on the CAD data of an electric assembly. The shortest paths between each pair of electric potentials are computed and visualized. Possible violations of creepage and clearance distances can thus be detected in the early design phase of the production pipeline.

The paths can be computed with arbitrary precision. The user receives a visualization of the path and can thereby locate the critical section in the assembly in order to perform the required corrections.

Creepage = 22.1 mm

Clearance = 16.5 mm


The creepage and clearance distances  are computed under consideration of all additional relevant factors which influence the course of a path and which complicate the appoximations of shortest paths for a designer.

Consideration of Shortcuts through conductors such as screws, bolts, etc.


Consideration of different CTI-values of insulators in the computation of creepage paths.

Consideration of jumps up to a certain maximum distance in the computation of creepage paths.





We offer an individual integration of AutoCrear into your production pipeline along with trainings to perform your own analyses. AutoCrear can either be used as external tool which supports the import of all common CAD formats, or we can directly integrate it into your CAD System as plugin-solution.