Individual Solutions

With our broad knowledge in the field of computer graphics, geometric modeling and CAD data, we can develop individual software solutions which assists you in your production processes. When there is a problem for which no solution yet exists, we can perform case studies and develop novel state-of-the-art algorithms to solve almost any problem which is related to 3D geometry.

AutoCrear Analysis

Beside the software tool, we also offer a full clearance and creepage analysis as service. With this option, you have the possibility to detect clearance and creepage violations in the early design phase without the need of integrating a software tool and building up your own expertise in this field. Just provide us your CAD data, we provide the full analysis result.

AutoCrear Trainings

Performing clearance and creepage analyses is no straight-forward task and requires a certain expertise. We assist you in building up this expertise and offer trainings which enable you to fully integrate AutoCrear into your production pipeline in order to perform your own clearance and creepage analyses.